Conditions Regulating the Company’s Activity
First: Introducing the company
We are a limited liability company, duly Dubai Economy Department, under license No. 5555. The company’s activity under the license is advertising, commercial mediation, and it possesses artistic and technical expertise.
Second: General Conditions
1. Our company carries out publicity, advertising, and commercial mediation for goods and services between the seller and the buyer, or the provider or recipient of the service.
2. Our company is committed to providing the best prices for our services and to provide these services in their best form
3. Our company is committed to display all advertisements for brokerage for all goods and services in a manner consistent with the laws, customs and traditions of public morals within the United Arab Emirates.
4. The customer has the right to choose the duration of the advertisement according to the following table: -
- 1 month for a sum of
- 3 months in exchange for a sum f
- 6 months in exchange for a sum of
- 1 full year for a sum of
5. The period chosen by the customer will be renewed automatically if he does not express his desire not to renew
6. The customer has the right to review the advertisement and review it before submitting it
7. The customer bears any criminal or civil liability in the event that he provides or offers any goods or services that violate the announced specifications, without any responsibility towards his company.
8. Our company and the client are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of information and the confidentiality of price offers, discounts, and mutual information related to the required and agreed upon work.
9. All of these terms are subject to the laws in force within the United Arab Emirates
10. The customer acknowledges that he agrees with all previous conditions and that he is obligated to adhere thereof.