Firstly, you create an account then you will be able to start your journey as a service provider with us, and have your profile live to reach a larger audience and get paid for your services in full.

We made it possible for you to apply in any field you want, and we recommend you pick and stick in the field you are expert in to attract more customers and sustain them, you can apply for being a service provider now in the top bar shown in the top

You will be receiving your money in the payment method you prefer from the buyer; we highly recommend you to discuss with the buyer about the payment method before start offering the service, and then collect your money after the service is completed

At Rapid Pair, we guarantee that we will not charge any commission or fees for any time in the future, we also guarantee that we will not receive any payments on your behalf and that you will be paid directly from your client.

After applying for any service, your profile and services will be live for all the viewers to see your services and profile, and they will contact you directly by either WhatsApp massage or a phone call.

you have the ability to change your services any time in the future, however we highly recommend you choose the fields you are expert in and stick in them to help your customers not to lose track.

You can search the prices of your fields and set your prices accordingly or you can check other peoples profile that share the same field and compare your prices.

To attract more customers, you should have attracting pricing strategy and skills that grasp the buyers and make them your potential clients, we highly recommend you to stick in the field of your expertise as you will be able to work more efficiently

You can reach a larger audience by having competitive prices, attracting about me profile, maintain high ratings and reviews, being available at least 3 days a week.

Yes, you have the option to change or edit your service offer including changing your field, prices, descriptions, and all the other visible options to your viewers any time you wish, however we highly recommend you to stick in your field.

Yes, You can view and access other profiles and you also have the ability to contact them if you wish to benefit from their services that they are offering.

All the service providers and vendors available in our platforms are having the background and knowledge required in their fields however we highly recommend you to contact them and ask them if they are a fit for the type of service you are looking for.

Yes, You can hire as much service providers as you require, you will have the access to contact them directly and book with them personally for your requirement.

Our service providers have the best competitive skills all while providing you to with the options to find the perfect match by filtering their age, nationality, gender, prices, and set of skills. You will have the service provider you are looking for.

You can use the search engine to search what type of services you are looking for and view the service providers profiles and contact them directly within seconds and have all the arrangements you require done in no time.
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